Mountains, stones and sand

This is something else – very dry, very solid, very still. I lay down – it is warm. It gives me shelter. It (well a human have put up a sign) that warns me to come closer – ROCK FALL DANGER. Can not se a sign of movement…

Want to come closer. There are so many different colors.
I find another path. I see some dogs, two of them, just out playing. They check me out on distance. I check them too. They look friendly, wavering their tales.

For this time I go back down on the beach. Nice patterns, like waves in the sand.

Look on the hill to the right – do you see the pattern? Almost the same as in the sand!

As you maybe know I love flowers. There are not so many here. Here grow big palm trees and different types of cactus. I found one wild flower yesterday – it showed up to be tree tobacco, eating the leafs can lead to ones dead, so I throw them away and decided I have much bigger chance to find real flowers on Madeira (next stop). Portugal have still many more sides to show me.

So I let those sweet hearts stay on the beach. Matching the fire in the volcanos. Nature is fantastic.

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