More stones, sand and Santa Maria

Porto santo is famous for her long golden beach with soft, soft sand. In the evening light we went there and I found some beautiful patterns again.

Around every small stone the sand was formed like a tree with long roots or a big crone – what ever ways you look at it. For me it was like seeing flowers and trees all over the beach.

Another interesting thing was the footprint. Arthur was walking in front of me and first it sank down and right after it went up!

This evening it was the yearly festival for Columbus. He lived on this island and was married with the daughter of the head of the island.

The house were Columbus lived.

As we are on the way to do the same passage more than 500 years later it was quite fascinating to see the ship Santa maria (rebuilt and stationed in Funchal, Madeira) first in ”our” harbour and then slowly coming towards the town bridge. I found it very easy to put me in their situation – think about making the passage (many thousands of seamiles) back and return with this ship!
Think about the feeling of coming back home again.
This they celebrate every year.

I see it as celebrating the pioneers – the one who dares, who are very early, who believed that earth was round not flat. Who tried it out in reality.

Columbus is getting welcomed by the women.

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