La Palma – magic nature

We are in Tazacorte on the west side of La Palma. From ”our beach” there is nothing in between before Florida. In December it is our turn to cross the big blue Atlantic. First we will see some of the Canarias islands.

We went to the top of La Palma, Roque de los muchachos, and got some extraordinary views. For me it was the first time being this high up (2426 meter). A big contrast from being on the sea – the element of feelings. Up here it was like the wind, clouds and the sun where playing around without limitations. Even if it was windy I found a place where it was still and I just relaxed into the hugeness and silence.

Several countries have telescopes up here to study the stars. Sweden built the tower in the middle 1989.
No one is allowed to use light up here after the sun set.

To come here it takes a driver with courage. Thank you Arthur! The roads are narrow and very beautiful. First tunnel came as a chock – think about meeting someone here!

You get well paid for being on those roads. On high altitude we found old pinetrees with ”skägglav” – it just grows if the air is very clean. A lot of birds were singing.

El Hierro in the horisont
The saltfabrique on the southern headland.

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  1. Tack❣️Så magiska bilder! ”Skägglav” satt fint i texten dessutom: gav den egna bilden i huvudet en extra dimension.

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