Now and then I look at Arthur and ask him with a glimpse in the eye – Are you aware about who you have chosen to bring with you on this journey? This use to be in moments where it is so obvious that I am not so practical (or more correctly said – yet not so experienced) as it would be great to be on board. 

Many asks us if we shouldn’t have someone with us, especially on the long trips. We both pass on that. This is our life and journey.  If we can’t manage it ourselves, we shouldn’t do it. 

Think if it is really true that we all have everything we need and that we all have access to everything. Then our personalities nor skills doesn’t matter – we will be part of something much bigger that gives us access to what is needed when challenges shows up. 

I have so many examples when I have got the extra energy in tough times – could be from the sun, the dolphins, someone having answer on my questions, from Arthur of course – it always seems to exist help when needed! Arthur and I stand for that we have the resources for making this journey together without knowing everything beforehand. 

Arthur is the captain, no doubt about that. When he doesn’t know I provide him with questions and listening. It helps very often. He listens to me as well and gives me space for reading and writing. He has not been pushing me to step up and join him with the sailing, it came naturally when I realized I was needed for reaching goals at longer distance. I like very much to accomplish what we are setting up. I stand for plan A longer and more consistent then Arthur and it works so far. 

Arthur has the longer view – he already knows what islands he wants to go to in the big blue on the other side of the world. I am more here and now – thinking amongst other on what food to buy and bring. 

We both are in a time when remembering details is on the list. What are the questions we need to address before leaving an easy access world with nautica and skilled craftsman.

Since many years we are supporting each other to listen to what we call our inklings. It’s the often very silent and soft voice who wants to get heard – often to remember us about something. If we skip to act on It, we always regretting as It for sure was something important. When one of us express an inkling we are eager to give it attention. 

We belong together all of us – just look at the waves! 

4 svar på ”BEING A TEAM”

  1. I enjoyed reading this Anna and am so glad we met you on your adventures, you make a beautiful team and will continue to grow day by day, what a fantastic achievement so far and it’s only the start!
    Best wishes,
    Steve and Leone xx

    1. Hi Steve! Lovely to hear. We are also happy that we met and look forward to the next time. I guess you are making some great plans for the future after your summerexperience. All the best from Arthur and Anna to you and Leone

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