Marquesas – the green islands

The Marquesas consist of ten small islands with Nuku Hiva as the biggest in north and in the middle Hiva Oa. Tahuata just south of Hiva Oa and Fatuhiva the most south of them all. This are the islands a sailor first meet when sailing from America in direction west. 

They belong to French Polynesia that also consists of Tuamotos (atoller) and the Society Islands (with Tahiti). 

We have been to four of them — the green mountains are a typical sign for all of them. 

Hiva Oa – the island that became our first landfall after 33 days on Pacific from Panama. 

For ever in our hearts as we got a very kind & warm welcome. Jaques Brel and Paul Gauguin have chosen to take their last rest here. 

Tahuata – a smaller island without an airstrip. Here we where swimming with manta rays for the first time. 

Fatuhiva is the most dramatic one with high expressive mountains. Thor Heyerdahl lived here in the small village Omoa for some years in the end of the 1930s. 

Nuku Hiva – the head island of Marquesas with the administrational office as well as the only hospital. A big bay for the sailors. Many change crew here as it comes and goes flights here. Surprisingly a large pinje forest in the north. Payed by EU we got to know. 

On all the islands they are very skilled in wood and stone art. There are sculptures every where — in the nature as well as outside houses and so.

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