Lessons from the Waves

  • We are all One, we belong together
  • It’s ok to peak!
  • We need/use each other in order to come forward
  • We are strong together
  • With patience we travel long
  • Energy and power is getting created when we move, 
    the deeper and higher the more
  • Without movement we do not exist
  • Our language is energy – that’s how we understand each other
  • Life is going up and down and that is the way it is
  • We invite you to play with us
  • We easily find new ways when we hit obstacles 
  • We can easily shift our state
  • The Ocean is Our common playground 

2 svar på ”Lessons from the Waves”

  1. hi Anna and Arthur, Hvad va det bra og mode jer!

    Thanks for a short but lovely encounter on the pier in Bonaire ( Eden Beach Hotel).
    Hopefully you have been able to enjoy the underwater world the last couple of days. Have you been able to visit ’Klein Bonaire’-island? Or maybe the Slagbaai Washington National Park?

    Unfortunately we are back in the Netherlands – cold and especially windy wheather. Lucky for us we still have sweet & warm memories of Bonaire. We hope that you are able to enjoy the island like we did! Ha det bra & safe travels!

    Warm Regards Joshua & Marieke

    1. Hi Joshua & Mariekke! So good to hear from you and yes it was lovely meeting you too! Thanks for all the input – we will for sure make time for all you mentioned. Carnival is upcoming so there are no cars available – we will try your contact today. We have booked divingcourse to continue our learning. The bridge where we met was a fantastic place. You really picked a pearl. Sun & salt from Arthur and Anna

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