La Luna, The Moon 2019-2020

This is my tribute to the Moon. And to the women group Luna that I participated in with big gratitude. I am born and have lived most of my life in the beautiful capital of Sweden, Stockholm. Mostly I never saw the moon. When we started to sail I saw her always. Here will follow my favourite pictures of the moon during our sailing from Stockholm end of May 2019 to New Zealand December 2020.

Stockholm 19 mars 2019, 20.24 – our first winter on Vista. We stayed in Wasahamnen, in the city and went walking around Djurgården every night. This is just outside the restaurant Oaxen – well worth a visit.
Galicien, Punta das vallas, Illa de Faro 15 August 2019, 22.19 – the crescendo and moment when it all turned to gold.
Porto Santo, the small island north of Madeira, 12 September 2019, 20.19 This day, every year, they celebrate Christopher Columbus coming back. The whole village was out – it was very moving.
La Gomera, San Sebastian marina, 12 November 2019, 21.37 – we stayed three weeks on this very cosy island.
North Atlantic, 24 December 2019, 7.11 – this is our third day on the Atlantic – it was quite calm so I dared to use the oven and make a Janssons frestelse to celebrate Christmas.
North Atlantic 9 January 2020, 20.22 – just love the moon gates
North Atlantic, 15 January 2020, 2.05 – it can be so dark in the middle of the night. The moon is always a great companion.
Lake of Gatún, 13 Mars 2020, 23.05 – this is the lake in the middle of the Panama canal. We came there quite late and the moon was just visible some short moments.
North Pacific, 21 Mars, 2020, 4.59 – this is our fourth day on the passage over Pacific to French Polynesia. Five days later we pass the equator and are then on the South Pacific.
South Pacific, 7 April 2020, 18.48
South Pacific, 7 April 2020, 19.17 – same night, just half an hour later and so different!
South Pacific 8 April, 2020, 18.26 – and the night after another style and color
South Pacific, 14 April 2020, 4.55 – saw all those round balls up in the sky.
South Pacific, 16 April 2020, 4.55 – now we are very close to land. 18 April we reach Hiva Oa after 33 days on the Pacific.
Tauhata, Hanatefau, 1 June 2020, 16.24 – this I think is the best spot to anchor in Marquesas Islands. The mountain is like a wall, protecting against headwinds. Several Amel-owners stayed here under the confinement. In the nearby small village, Hapatoni, Tehine in the blue house is cocking for the sailors. A really sweet spot in the world.
The Channel Bordelais between Hiva Oa and Tauhata, 1 June 2020, 17.37 – I love how the small white wave kind of mirroring the moon.
Nuku Hiva, 4 June 2020, 17.53 – like a painting
Papeete, 1 September 2020, 19.37 – this is our second (of four) full moon in Papeete, the capital in French Polynesia. 9 November we finally got permission to continue to New Zealand. We leave the same day to Moorea.
South Pacific, 29 November 2020, 20.50 – we are east of Kermadec Islands – the full moon is amazing!
South Pacific, 29 November 2020, 20.57
South Pacific 30 November, 5.54 – it continued until the early morning!
8 December we reached Opua after 21 days at sea.
New Zealand, Whangamumu bay 27 December 2020, 21.17
New Zealand, Whangamumu bay 28 December 2020, 21.18 – the night after we where not anymore the yacht most far out. Still another painting. 30 December we arrive to Whangarei which will be our home for a while.

14 svar på ”La Luna, The Moon 2019-2020”

  1. Hej, and Thanks for fantastic pics of the moon!!! How different can it be. My favorite is the one of November 30. Happy new year to you both!!!!! Mats ö

  2. Magiskt kära vän!
    Tack för att du delar din upptäcktsresa! Gott slut på 2020 och gott nytt 2021!

  3. Ett leende,en stillhet inombords,tankar på era långa perioder till havs,havet,det stora havet å så ni där i Vista…så lyser Månen … så magiskt å sån känsla det måste vara… Känns ända hit…andakt.🙏

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